The Need for GirlKind® Project

Girls should be empowered to intentionally pursuit happiness and cultivate their social emotional development. Through GirlKind® Project, girls acquire competencies that contribute to their social emotional development, improving their sense of well-being and cultivating joy and peace within.

Girls benefit from the opportunity to shift their inner focus and foster social awareness, creating a greater sense of connectedness and purpose. Through GirlKind® Project, participants gain social emotional learning competencies, leading to attitudes and behaviors that promote living in harmony with others, as well as, living with purpose and contributing to a more compassionate world.

Girls have the need to connect and relate to other girls in positive ways and develop healthy relationships with their peers. GirlKind® Project, presents girls with knowledge and practice of social emotional learning competencies that promote prosocial behavior, conducive to positive peer interactions and healthy relationships.

“No matter how educated or wealthy you are, if you don’t have peace of mind, you won’t be happy.”
- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama​
Our Collaborators

Our sincerest gratitude to our community partners and sponsors.