“An engine of positive social change in our community and beyond.”

“I believe not only that GirlKind® will have a huge positive impact in the lives of young girls but, in doing so, it can also be an engine of positive social change in our community and beyond.”
Maricel Cigales

“The knowledge that is gained is everlasting.”

“GirlKind® is an extraordinary program for young girls.  It is an esteemed mentoring program aimed to vitalize the lives of young girls by promoting self-confidence and humanity.  This is its second year at Jesse J. McCrary, Jr. Elementary and has touched the lives of over 40 girls.  The knowledge that is gained from the program throughout the various activities is everlasting.  I look forward to Jesse J. being a part of the GirlKind® program for years to come.”
Mrs. Trellany Parrish-Gay
Jesse J. McCrary Elementary School Principal

“Instrumental in our target elementary schools.”

“The GirlKind® Project’s mission and philosophy is instrumental in our target elementary schools and complements our common goals to empower, encourage, and develop young people to be positive contributing members of society.”
Donnie Hale, Jr. Ed.D.
Director of The Education Effect at Florida International University

“Thank you for making a great positive impact on the girls in our school.”

“Thank you, GirlKind® Project, for coming to our school. I have seen a huge improvement in a lot of the girls’ self-esteem, behavior and mannerism. Thank you for making a great positive impact on the girls in our school.”
Mr. Lamar Johnson
Jesse J. McCrary Elementary School Asst. Principal

“180 Degree Turn”

“I wanted to express how thrilled I am with the GirlKind® Project that you’re having at our school, for fourth grade girls. I’ve noticed a huge improvement on one student, in particular, who had a rough and difficult start of the school year because she was not behaving properly. Now, (after 12 weeks of the program) she’s done a 180 degree turn. She’s now kind, thoughtful and helpful. She’s actually become a role model for the other girls in my classroom. Her grades have improved and the way she speaks to everyone is completely different. I just wanted to thank you for having this project at our school and I hope it spreads to something worldwide.”
Ms. Dawn Geller
Frederick Douglass Elementary Language Arts Elementary Teacher

“GirlKind® is the type of program that every school needs"

“GirlKind® is the type of program that every school needs in this day and age. The message that GirlKind presents to the students about love, compassion, and kindness is what a lot of students lack in our society. The students learn that it is okay to inspire and uplift their fellow classmates. What they learn is not limited and only useful for while they are in school, it is positivity that is needed in their homes and in their communities, as well. GirlKind® has risen the bar and standard to what is expected from young ladies at our school and is often used as a reminder for them to do the right thing. As a counselor, I am extremely grateful for the program and support it full-heartedly.”

Ms. kathia abraham
School Counselor

“She is today an ambassador for kindness.”

Amariah is the fifth of ten children, being raised by a single and unemployed mom in Little Haiti. She struggled academically, which resulted in her repeating 3rd grade twice, scoring a 1 in Reading and 1 in Math on her Florida Standard Assessment (FSA). Her low academic performance impacted her behavior, which often landed her in the counselor’s office. However, despite her situation, she was a diamond in the rough. The GirlKind® Project has allowed her to shine bright. Her experience with the project has allowed her to blossom and be able to put her life in perspective. Three months following her participation in the GirlKind® Project, Amariah was able to get admitted in Breakthrough Miami through a rigorous process, which included an application, an interview, and a spontaneous writing sample. Talking to Amariah, today she is more determined and willing to put the efforts into the academics. She is today an ambassador for kindness, encouraging other girls to be kind. According to her, GirlKind® is the best thing that ever happened to her.


(name changed to protect identity)
This success story was shared by Lovely Noel, Program Manager of The Education Effect at FIU

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