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Social-Emotional Learning Program

The GirlKind Project school program is an innovative 9-topic Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum, designed to promote kindness and inspire support among girls. 

Each session is topic specific and filled with interesting discussions and fun activities.  The initial program packet includes four different manuals and all materials needed to implement the program, along with program training and support. 

This revolutionary peer-led program is being implemented in elementary schools, across Miami-Dade County, by trained qualified college/high school female students.

What our participants say about GirlKind Project:

“I wish we had GirlKind sessions every day!”

“I wish we had GirlKind sessions every day!”

“GirlKind Project inspired me to include others, to respect, to be kind and to be grateful.”

“GirlKind Project inspired me to include others, to respect, to be kind and to be grateful.”

“I wanted to come to GirlKind to change the world by showing kindness.”

“I wanted to come to GirlKind to change the world by showing kindness.”

“GirlKind Project inspired me to do the right thing.”

“GirlKind Project inspired me to do the right thing.”

“I am thankful for GirlKind because we learn how to be kinder people.”

“I am thankful for GirlKind because we learn how to be kinder people.”


After twelve sessions, once a week for one hour and one gender-specific grade-wide event, our graduates will receive a GirlKind certificate of completion.

They will also be equipped with the tools they need to continue cultivating their best possible selves and the skills to continue fostering positive peer interactions.

Contact us if you are interested in the Social Emotional Learning Program or if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


“180 Degree Turn”
“I wanted to express how thrilled I am with the GirlKind Project that you’re having at our school, for fourth grade girls. I’ve noticed a huge improvement on one student, in particular, who had a rough and difficult start of the school year because she was not behaving properly. Now, (after 12 weeks of the program) she’s done a 180 degree turn. She’s now kind, thoughtful and helpful. She’s actually become a role model for the other girls in my classroom. Her grades have improved and the way she speaks to everyone is completely different. I just wanted to thank you for having this project at our school and I hope it spreads to something worldwide.”
Ms. Dawn Geller
Frederick Douglass Elementary Language Arts Elementary Teacher

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One of our success stories

Amariah is the fifth of ten children, being raised by a single and unemployed mom in Little Haiti. She struggled academically, which resulted in her repeating 3rd grade twice, scoring a 1 in Reading and 1 in Math on her Florida Standard Assessment (FSA).

Her low academic performance impacted her behavior, which often landed her in the counselor’s office. However, despite her situation, she was a diamond in the rough. 

The GirlKind Project has allowed her to shine bright. Her experience with the project has allowed her to blossom and be able to put her life in perspective.  

Three months following her participation in the GirlKind Project, Amariah was able to get admitted in Breakthrough Miami through a rigorous process, which included an application, an interview, and a spontaneous writing sample. 

Talking to Amariah, today she is more determined and willing to put the efforts into the academics. She is today an ambassador for kindness, encouraging other girls to be kind. According to her, GirlKind is the best thing that ever happened to her.


This success story was shared by Lovely Noel, Program Manager of The Education Effect at FIU

Note: The name of the child has been changed for privacy reasons.

Club GirlKind

"Student-led clubs are bringing those with similar interests together"

These student-led clubs are designed for high school and college students, bringing those with similar interests together and providing opportunity for community service. Club members will have the opportunity to participate in fun events and interactive meetings based on topics from our SEL program.  

These meetings will focus on the cultivation of one’s best possible self with the goal of creating positive social change, in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

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GirlKind Coaching

An after-school program led by trained qualified college female students in small groups of no more than 5-elementary or middle school girls. We use GirlKind principles and philosophy, while helping with homework and coaching for personal and academic success. 

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We proudly and joyfully work together to improve girls’ lives in at-risk communities of Miami-Dade County.

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