“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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GirlKind Ambassadors spread the word about our programs and help change the world through the promotion of kindness. They help us bring GirlKind to schools, sport teams, and many other places in their world by inspiring others to join the movement.

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Become a GirlKind Volunteer

“Organizations like this do not exist in great quantity. To be a part of a movement to teach others to treat each other and ourselves with kindness is just amazing. There is also such a great need for it in our society. Watching these girls blossom with the tools they learn is so rewarding!”
Eden Ash
GirlKind Mentor / Facilitator

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Give back to the community and earn internship credits (when applicable), letters of recommendation and community service hours!

Some of our qualified volunteers receive training to facilitate our school program. Other wonderful volunteers assemble materials for school sessions, help at fundraising events, lend a hand with graphic and web design, assist with social media, etc.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

What our volunteers say about GirlKind Project

Make a positive impact today! You have the power!

“When I heard about GirlKind Project, I wanted to be part of it because I thought that it was something I could’ve used growing up. In the sense that it helps young girls foster better relationships and helps stop bullying by promoting kindness and respect. I thought that there was no program out there like this and wanted to be part of it. It has been an amazing experience for me, and everyone involved.”
Stephanie Maqueira
“My experience being a volunteer in the GirlKind Project program was very enriching since I got to make a good impact in girls’ lives. I also gained a sense of belonging from working with wonderful people who have the same strive to help others as I do.”
Liz Garcia

Fundraise/Become a Sponsor

"You might have a great idea to fundraise to support the mission and we would love to hear about it! "

Organize a fundraiser and/or become a sponsor. 

You may know a person or company who you think might love to become a sponsor, please let them know about the opportunity to support by sharing the ambassador flyer with them! We are a nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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Our sincerest gratitude to our community partners and sponsors.

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