Promoting kindness and inspiring support among girls


Imagine a World where girls support, include, uplift and encourage each other

We are creating a world where girls respect, include and support one another. A world where kindness and compassion are the norm and bullying does not exist.

Using an innovative and revolutionary approach, GirlKind Project is positively changing the school climate by cultivating kindness and social-emotional development, instead of focusing on anti-bullying campaigns. Our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program is creating social change and shaping a society where girls are empowered to become women who are confident, have peace and joy within and a strong sense of purpose.

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Door to Kindness

GirlKind Project participants created the door to kindness with the help of Cinthia Santos

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Door to Kindness is a tradition of GirlKind Project’s school program, created to promote and communicate kindness through Art. 

Local artists are invited to guide our participants, in the creation of works of art to promote kindness (this one was guided by talented muralist, Cinthia Santos). 

“Thank you for making a great positive impact on the girls in our school.”

Mr. Lamar Johnson

Jesse J. McCrary Elementary School Asst. Principal

Our Testimonials

“GirlKind is the type of program that every school needs in this day and age.”

“GirlKind is the type of program that every school needs in this day and age. The message that GirlKind presents to the students about love, compassion, and kindness is what a lot of students lack in our society. The students learn that it is okay to inspire and uplift their fellow classmates. What they learn is not limited and only useful for while they are in school, it is positivity that is needed in their homes and in their communities, as well.  GirlKind has risen the bar and standard to what is expected from young ladies at our school and is often used as a reminder for them to do the right thing. As a counselor, I am extremely grateful for the program and support it full-heartedly.”
Kathia Abraham, M.S.
Frederick Douglass Elementary School Counselor

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Girls need guidance to develop a valuable support system: her peers

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